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Las Vegas Doctors Are Held To A Professional Standard

In a malpractice claim, a doctor may be found negligent if the doctor's performance fell below the minimum standard of skill or care which is acceptable. Las Vegas medical malpractice can be committed by any person or entity which provides care and treatment to patients including the following: hospital, clinic, psychiatrist, anesthesiologist, dentist, doctor, nurse, nursing home or any other health care provider. In Nevada, medical malpractice happens when any health care provider causes an injury due to that provider's lack of skill and competence which falls below the skill and competence normally used by professionals practicing in that area. This level of skill is referred to as the "standard of care." When a Las Vegas Lawyer files a medical malpractice lawsuit, the complaint will state that the health care provider's actions (or omissions) fell below the requisite "standard of care" for that type of professional. This is another way of saying that the health care provider should have known better and should not have committed the act which caused the injury.

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