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Vegas Injury Law Can Assist You With Your Wrongful Death Claim

The Vegas Injury Law site was created to help residents of Las Vegas, Nevada who had the misfortune of being injured, disfigured, attacked, bruised, hurt, assaulted or accidentally killed due to the reckless, negligent, careless or intentional misconduct of a person or company which caused the fatality in Las Vegas. Vegas Injury Law is a place for you to get information and contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer for free legal advice in an initial personal injury consultation to evaluate your fatal accident claim. Feel free to contact a Las Vegas Injury Lawyer if the fatal accident happened in Las Vegas - Henderson - Summerlin - or any other Nevada city.

Las Vegas Wrongful Death Claims Have Many Causes

There can be numerous causes of wrongful death in Las Vegas, Nevada. A Wrongful Death in Nevada can be caused by many forms of misconduct such as Car Accidents, Criminal Attacks, Failure to Warn of Dangerous Property Conditions, Pharmacy Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse, Medical Malpractice, Defective Products and many other types of careless, negligent, reckless or intentional acts or omissions. A wrongful death in Nevada can be caused by the negligent or intentional misconduct of either a person or company. Also, a Las Vegas wrongful death can happen when a consumer is exponsed to a dangerous defective product. A wrongful death in Las Vegas, Nevada, can happen when someone drinks and then drives while intoxicated. A wrongful death in Nevada, can be caused by a pharmaceutical company which distributes a dangerous drug and does not adequately warn people about the side effects. A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by a Nevada Attorney anytime it can be proved that the misconduct of a person or company caused your loved one to be senselessly killed in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin, Mesquite or any other city in Nevada.

A Nevada Wrongful Death Claim Can Cover The Losses Of The Family

The goal of a Nevada wrongful death lawsuit is to compensate the victim's loved ones for the wrongful acts of the defendant(s) which are proven to have caused the wrongful death of the victim. The survivors of the wrongful death victim may be compensated for economic or non-economic losses when a wrongful death happens in Las Vegas, Nevada. Non-economic losses such as the loss of companionship, affection and love often warrant compensation to the surviving spouse of the victim who died in Nevada. Also, the victim's children can be entitled to damages for the loss of guidance and support which was provided by the parent who was wrongfully killed in Nevada. Further, the victim's survivors may receive compensation for the funeral and medical expenses which were incurred due to the wrongful death in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Factors Which May Affect A Las Vegas Wrongful Death Claim

The settlement amount or jury trial award can vary in a Las Vegas wrongful death claim, due to certain factors surrounding the death like the following: (1) whether or not the wrongful death survivors depended on financial support from the victim's future earnings; (2) the extent of any non-economic losses to the survivors like the loss of enjoyment of living - loss of companionship - loss of consortium; (3) the medical costs; (4) funeral costs; (5) the pain and suffering experienced; (6) and if there was any extreme negligence, recklessness or indifference on the part of the defendants.

Negligent And Intentional Acts Can Cause Death In Las Vegas

Many Las Vegas wrongful death suits are filed due to the negligence of a person and/or company which resulted in the accident causing the death in Las Vegas. To show negligence, in a Las Vegas, Nevada Lawyer will need to prove that the wrongful death defendant owed a duty (responsibility) - that the duty was subsequently breached - and that the breach of duty caused the tragic death of your family member. A wrongful death can also happen as the result of an intentional act by the wrongdoer. If your loved one died because of a battery (striking) by another person, the attacker would possibly face criminal charges filed by the District Attorney of Clark County, Elko County, Nye County and any other county in Nevada where the assualt happened. In addition to the criminal case filed by the District Attorney, you have the right to file a civil complaint for wrongful death. These two separate cases run at the same time in what is called parallel proceedings. Usually, it is better if the criminal case is finished first. If the killer is found guilty of the homicide or manslaughter of your loved one, the guilty verdict can establish liability for the victim's wrongful death in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A Nevada Lawyer Can Explain Insurance And Financial Issues

A Las Vegas, Nevada Lawyer may use the services of an expert to determine the amount of future income the wrongful death victim would have earned if he or she had not died. In addition to the economic analysis, there are other several other complex insurance issues in a Las Vegas wrongful death case. In the event that your family member was killed in an auto accident in Las Vegas, and the other driver failed to carry adequate auto insurance to pay for the family's losses, a Las Vegas Injury Lawyer would examine other available insurance issues such as Uninsured - Underinsured (UM - UIM) coverage and any possible stacking of insurance coverage under the insurance policy (or insurance policies) covering the accident in Nevada.

A Wrongful Death Settlement Can Save Trial Costs

A wrongful death case in Las Vegas, might settle without you and your family having to face the expense and time of a jury trial. A Las Vegas Lawyer can facilitate the settlement of the wrongful death claim with the insurance company covering the party who negligently or intentionally cause the wrongful death in Nevada. Often, a reasonable settlement may be a better option than a jury trial since the costs may be considerably less. In complex cases, experts must be utilized and this can make the case very expensive to litigate. Some of the experts a Las Vegas Attorney might use could include a accident reconstructionist, a safety engineer, and medical experts. There can be many other trial costs such as medical records, filing fees, depositions, and costs for trial preparation. Although it is sometimes wise to settle for a little bit less in order to avoid trial costs, a Las Vegas Lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit if you do not get a reasonable settlement offer from the insurance company representing the person or company who caused the death of your loved one in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before you decide on a Las Vegas Lawyer to handle your wrongful death case, you should ask what experience the Las Vegas Attorney has in negotiating a settlement and in litigating a jury trial for a Las Vegas wrongful death action.

You Must File Your Lawsuit Within The Applicable Time Limit

A wrongful death claim is created by state law because it was not recognized as a cause of action under the old common law. Many states passed wrongful death laws to relieve families from the financial and emotional losses they suffered when their loved one was killed. Importantly, the time limit for filing a wrongful death cause of action may be different in each state. The wrongful death filing period may be governed by the applicable statute of limitation for each viable cause of action. For example, if the death was caused by medical malpractice, the filing period could be different from the deadline to file a general personal injury claim. This means that it is critical for you to find out the exact limitation period so you do not lose your right to file a lawsuit. You should consult with a personal injury attorney about the applicable filing time in your state.

A Las Vegas Lawyer May Use An Economist To Assess Your Claim

Wrongful death settlements are often calculated by determining the economic value the victim had to the survivors (how much he or she provided to their financial support) and jury verdicts for cases with similar circumstances. It is very hard to put any monetary value on the life of a human being. No one's life should ever be considered more valuable than the life of someone else. Yet, the law does recognize that the economic value of a person is increased if there are more people who depend on that person's present and future earnings for their financial support. In some wrongful death cases, both the Plaintiff's and the Defendant's attorneys may use an economist to calculate the possible value of a settlement or a jury award in a wrongful death case. This process does allow a value to be placed on the financial and emotional losses so the family of the victim can receive the amount they are entitled to in a wrongful death claim.

Contact Vegas Injury Law For Wrongful Death Information

You may have a strong case for wrongful death under the Nevada Wrongful Death Statute, if your family member was killed because of the negligent or the intentional misconduct of another person or company in Las Vegas. A Las Vegas Injury Attorney who works on Personal Injury cases may give you free legal advice about the viability of your wrongful death claim in an initial consultation. A Nevada Attorney can file a lawsuit for damages on your behalf if the wrongful death victim died in Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin, Henderson, Boulder City or any other town in Nevada. You and the other survivors of the victim may have a legal right to compensation for your losses. A Las Vegas Attorney may be able to recover compensation for you through a negotiated settlement or a litigated jury trial award.

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